Stewart & Brown Winter 2010 Collection

Check out our interview with Stewart Brown‘s head stylist Wyatt Hough on what-to-wear this season from Stewart & Brown!

S&S: What’s your favorite piece of this F/W 2010 collection?

WH:  I love the versatility and touch of the Clara Wrap Vest. It can be be worn year-round next to the body over a pima essential while under your winter outerwear like the Duncan Cloak Coat, or as your outer garment over a piece like the l/s button seam tee, the mix of thermal and cashmere is such a rich coupling of textures. It stands out with it’s geometric design and cut-out hem, a vest is great to show off a print or detail on your sleeve but this vest also is the perfect way to show off a beautiful belt or unique waistband!

S&S: Does the collection have its own standard piece, the one thing you can’t live without?

WH: The organic cotton twisted tee is a great laying base but also sophisticated enough to stand alone in the office or on a dinner date. Pair it with a piece infused with texture and design like the Merino Hope Cinch Skirt or the Chunky Merino Grandpa Cardigan for a pop of color and breath of air, the twisting neck detail is just enough to make both pieces shine.

S&S:  What’s the sexiest outfit for nights out on the chilly town?

WH:  I love the Merino Iris Barry Dress! It’s flattering in all the right places but with a slouchy feel that gives it a chic sense of ease. In the depths of winter I would pair this with black Jordie Cinch leggings, the Boiled Wool Ellet Blanket Coat, and favorite accessories. The dropped cowl neck is the perfect frame for that heirloom necklace.

S&S: Everyone is on the hunt for the sweater to “live in” this winter – what’s your take on it?

WH:  I’m always attracted to clothes that you can feel. If a hug were a sweater it would be the grandpa cardigan, cozy and warm. It’s that sweater you wear in front of the fireplace and never want to take off but why should you? For daytime I would throw it over a crisp white oxford and indigo jeans. After dark, the cardigan is a great compliment to the Pull Over Maude Dress. The contrast between the ribbed oversized cardigan and silk satin in the dress makes a dynamic, tactile look.

S&S:  Any extras our readers shouldn’t miss?

WH:  Accessories should add a touch of joy to your outfit. The Torrey Handwarmers not only keep your hands warm without constraining your fingers but give a winter look a pinch of playfulness. Highlight your gloves in fall with various sleeve lengths with the Djuna 1/2 sleeve wrap or the Throw Over Sweat Top for example, but keep them on throughout the snowy season.


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